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Payment Options
Tired of writing checks for your Village utility bills?? 
Sign up for Automatic Payments ... We'll do the work for you with ANY bank!
Call or stop by the Village Office and find out just how easy it is!

You can also make a payment with your Credit Card.  CLICK HERE

LEYTON School Activity Calendar

Click on the word Leyton above - it's a link to the Leyton School website.
Also visit the Leyton Team Store

(A) Any owner of a dog over the age of six months within the village shall, within 30 days after acquisition of the dog, acquire a license for the dog annually by or before the May 1 of each year. Licenses shall be issued by the Village Clerk upon payment of a license tax in the amount established by the Board of Trustees, plus the $1 fee required under Neb. RS 54-603(3).
(B) The tax shall be delinquent from and after May 10. The owner of any dog brought into or harbored within the corporate limits subsequent to May 1 of any year shall be liable for payment of the dog tax and tax shall be delinquent if not paid within ten days thereafter. The license shall not be transferable and no refund will be allowed in case of death, sale or other disposition of the licensed dog.
All dogs that reside in the Village of Dalton must be properly licensed each year by May 1st.
If you have not licensed your dog yet, please stop by the Village Office as soon as possible.
Hours are posted in the Office window.
Proof of current vaccinations is required at time of licensing.

Building permits are required for all new construction.  Forms are available at the Village Office.

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