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Notice of Meeting

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN Regular Meeting of the Village of Dalton, Nebraska Monday, April 10, 2017 @ 7:00 P.M. at the Dalton Village Office The meeting will be open to the public. An agenda for such meeting, kept continuously current, is available for public inspection at the office of the Village Clerk at 306 Main Street. Except for items of an emergency nature, the agenda shall not be enlarged later than twenty-four hours before the scheduled commencement of the meeting. Current copy of the Open Meetings Act is posted for the public during regular business hours, at the Village Office, 306 Main Street, Dalton, NE.

Minutes / Proceedings

The Board of Trustees convened in open and public session for a regular meeting, March 13th, 2017, @ 7:00 p.m. at the Village Office.  ROLL CALL: Present-Board members, E. Reilly, R. Twarling, W. McConnell; B. Abbott: Guests present- Jeff Juelfs, Connie Winkleman. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.  The Nebraska Open Meeting Act was read and acknowledged as posted.  All following motions carried unanimously unless otherwise stated.  Motion Abbott, Second Twarling, to approve the February 2017 regular meeting minutes. Motion McConnell, Second Abbott, to approve February 2017 disbursements, reoccurring bills and financial statement.  Disbursements: Wages-5718.28; Utility Services-721.20-maintenance; Dalton Telephone-188.32-phone & internet; Frenchman Valley-315.13-fuel; Cardmember Services-776.25-Computer(Jeff),chemicals, postage/water sample; Wheat Belt PPD-2536.42-Electricity; Black Hills Energy-1232.26-Natural Gas; Enviro Service-176.00-Lab; Viaero-44.04-Village Cell; Don’s Service’s-3,241.75-Trash; Points West Community Bank-1146.30 (double payment made)-Water Loan; Points West Community Bank-883.34 (double payment made)-Road Loan; Bridgeport News-Blade-51.67-Legals; John Deere Financial-251.27-Pallet/Ice melt; Simmons Olsen Law Firm-285.00-Legal forms; Cheyenne County Clerk-100.00-Election cost; One Call Concepts-1.14-Locating lines; Jerred Berner Trucking LLC-450.00-Snow removal; Barco Municipal Products-74.93-Museum Sign; Nebraska.Gov-50.00-Subscription; NE Public Health Environmental Lab-533.00-Lab/water samples; Nienhueser Construction-1407.23-Tear out concrete/check for leak/recement/620 Main St; Croell, Inc-620.00-Load of gravel, load of crushed cement.  General Disbursements total-$13131.91:  Road Disbursements total-$1953.34:  Wages total-$5718.28.  Reports-Board: Reilly signed letter from NE Dept of Roads regarding the Village’s satisfaction with what they are doing to move forward in plans for highway construction and that the construction would not adversely affect the protected features and resources of the North Park area. ISO, Public Protection Classification Program was in the village to test fire hydrants.  ISO provides data to insurance companies, who in turn use the data to determine what types of policies and coverage to offer and rates to charge.  Rollie Parker and McConnell will meet with Thrasher’s Tuesday to inspect the cracks in the foundation of the fire hall building. Maintenance:  Chlorinated to correct the coliform hit the Village had in February.  March’s water tests have passed.  Completed a sanitary survey for Doug Woodbeck. Village will need to install a cement box to create a 12” to 24” air gap in the water tower vent to complete the requirements of the survey.  Need to install a new shut-off valve on the main water line at South Park and Broad Street before highway construction begins. Cleaned drain by Kettelers’, but may need a bobcat to do the job more effectively. Village purchased a load of gravel and load of crushed cement to fill holes in streets and alleys.  Jeff would like to try a blacktop patch mix which may work better than the old mixture which has been used.  The patch mixture is $49.00 a 50# bag.  Board okayed the purchase of 5 bags. Board okayed the repair of the drain by the bank. Clerk: Village received an $1127.00 distribution from ACE. Transferred $4000.00 from Road account to Road savings. Village received a sign permit regarding the new parking area at the Museum site to be put up when highway construction is completed.  Connie Winkleman discussed with the Board the Villages’ paying the bill she received for the repair of her water leak.  Around the meter was dug up and was found that the connection on the Village side of the meter was not connected correctly.  Motion McConnell, Second Abbott, the Village stand the payment to Nienhueser Construction for $1686.05 to be paid when the cement work is corrected.  Motion McConnell, Second Abbott, to approve the updating of signature cards at Points West Community Bank for check signing purposes.  The transfer of property from the Dalton Volunteer Fire Department to the Village of Dalton is complete.  The Board received a letter from Bobbi Ernest regarding the building at 302 Main.  The issue was tabled pending the gathering of further information.  Motion Twarling, Second Reilly, to accept the proposal from M.C. Schaff ($6991.00) for designing the replacement of the water main along Broad Street from South Park Street to Francis Street. This replacement will take place during the projected highway construction.  Motion Abbott, Second McConnell, to donate $25.00 out of the tourism fund for the After Prom Party.  Public Forum; No Public Forum.  Next regular Village Board meeting is scheduled for April 10, 2017 @ 7:00 p.m.  

Motion Abbott, Second Twarling, to adjourn regular meeting at 7:56 pm

Sherry Craig, Clerk/Treasurer