Small Town - Big Heart!

Notice of Meeting

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN Regular Meeting of the Village of Dalton, Nebraska Monday, June 11, 2018 @ 7:00 P.M. at the Dalton Village Office The meeting will be open to the public. An agenda for such meeting, kept continuously current, is available for public inspection at the office of the Village Clerk at 306 Main Street. Except for items of an emergency nature, the agenda shall not be enlarged later than twenty-four hours before the scheduled commencement of the meeting. Current copy of the Open Meetings Act is posted for the public during regular business hours, at the Village Office, 306 Main Street, Dalton, NE.

Minutes / Proceedings

The Board of Trustees convened in open and public session for a regular meeting, May 14th, 2018, @ 7:00 p.m. at the Village Office. ROLL CALL: Present-Board members: E. Reilly, R. Twarling, W. McConnell, B. Abbott (7:30), J. Rushman; Guests present- Jeff Juelfs. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. The Nebraska Open Meeting Act was read and acknowledged as posted. All following motions carried unanimously unless otherwise stated. Motion McConnell, Second Twarling, to approve the April 2018 regular meeting minutes. Motion Twarling, Second Rushman, to approve the April 2018 Special Meeting minutes. Motion McConnell, Second Rushman, to approve April 2018 disbursements, reoccurring bills and financial statement. Disbursements: Wages- 6984.99; Utility Services-800.53-Water tower maintenance; Dalton Telephone-211.22-phone & internet; Frenchman Valley-358.20-equipment fuel/Village; Cardmember Services-19.86-Library Supplies; Wheat Belt PPD-3386.67-Electricity; Black Hills Energy-1046.03-Natural Gas; Viaero-44.67-Village Cell; Don’s Services-3456.46-Trash Services; Points West Community Bank-1146.30-Water Loan; Bridgeport News-Blade-58.34-Legals, monthly publishing; Enviro Service, Inc-20.00-Lab; The Homestead Market-59.08-cat food, Clorox, batteries; One Call Concepts, Inc.-14.25-Diggers’s Hot Line-Locates; Northwest Pipe Fittings, Inc-1519.38-Water parts for Watchorn meter and Wano Street; Day & Night Plumbing & Heating-699.91-Control board and flue cap/Fire Dept heater; Municipal Supply, Inc of NE-929.26-Curb stop and water meter parts; Spic & Span Cleaners-540.00-Chemicals/spraying weeds; R & T Excavating LLC-405.00-Install curb stop/715 Elm; Gurley Diesel & Auto Repair-379.65-Battery & cables/mower, battery/Well house stationary engine; Best Plumbing, Heating & Cooling LLC-1870.00-Pumping Inhoff tank/Compost site; Jerred Berner Trucking LLC-581.00-Snow removal, Oil/Equipment; Deaver Tire Co.-30.00-Tire Repair/Pickup; Croell, Inc-749.05-Three loads gravel; Barco Municipal Products Inc-607.96-Handicap signage/poles & connectors; Simon-19467.00-Milling, sub grade prep, Hot plant mix-Main Street South Side of High School. General Disbursements-$16,964.81; Road Disbursements-$21,435.01; Wages-$6984.99. Reports-Board: Clean-Up Day was successful. Both dumpster and metal trailer were full and there was plenty of room at the shop for unloading. Need to find out if the pavement to the cemetery is the county or Village responsibility. Potholes are getting bigger. All streets and roads within the Village limits will continue to take a beating with the increased use. Dogs at large and speeders on State Street and along the street on west side of the football field were discussed. Involving the sheriff’s department was suggested. Maintenance: April water tests passed. Water meter is in at Swanson’s; curb stop in on Park Street; Shut-off valve in at Watchorn’s; Inhoff tank pumped; Shut-off valve on 385 is leaking; Could cost $1400.00 to replace or repair; Board approved purchasing road patch material by the palette/56 bags@$19.95 per bag rather than ten bags @ $39.00 apiece; Rural Water suggests it would benefit the Village to replace all valve boxes while the highway is torn up. If the Village purchases the valves, Simon will replace them; Water hydrant at Sunset and Golda was hit by a vehicle, bolts are broken and hydrant moves. Damages will be turned into insurance; Called Mike at Schaff’s to inquire about water line depth toward Wano Street; concerned that the water line could freeze in winter if not buried deep enough. Clerk: Copies of Viaero and Simon invoices, bill for water valves, e-mail to K. Hadenfeldt, information from USDA Rural Development Water/Wastewater Financing and Dalton Telephone proposed changes for fiber optic location due to conflict with highway project all included in board packet for Board’s information. Plans for replacing current street lights with LED street lights were discussed. Wheat Belt Public Power would install the lights. The Village would receive a rebate on the purchased lights. The rebate would than be sent to Wheat Belt to cover replacement expense. LED lights provide brighter and more cost efficient lighting. As plans are not complete at this time, this item will be brought back for discussion at future date. Dalton Telephone will be moving a fiber optic line which is conflicting with a drain area in the highway project. There will be no expense to the Village. Fire Department is looking to purchase millings from the Highway project to fill the low places on the west side of the fire department building. Millings would be worked from the building out to the alley to correct a drainage problem. Cost to the Village would be $5.00 per ton. Item tabled to June meeting in order to gather further information. City of Sidney will be contacted regarding spraying of mosquitoes. Spraying will take place twice in July. Jim Schmitt requested the water meter on the empty lot (210 Broad) south of his home be removed. Questions were raised. Item tabled to June meeting in order to gather further information. Motion Twarling, Second Abbott, to spend up to $5000.00 for a new riding lawn mower to accommodate the Village mowing. Half of the monies would come out of the general fund, half out of tourism money. Roll was called; Aye-Reilly, Rushman, Twarling, Abbott; Nay-McConnell. Motion Reilly, Second Twarling, to waive the three readings for Ordinance 2018-08-02, AN ORDINANCE OF THE VILLAGE OF DALTON, AMENDING CHAPTER 93 OF THE CODE OF THE VILLAGE OF DALTON, PROVIDING FOR THE KEEPING OF AND RAISING OF HEN CHICKENS WITHIN THE MUNICIPALITY; ADDING SECTION 93.55 TO THE MUNICIPAL CODE OF DALTON RELATING TO THE KEEPING OF AND RAISING OF HEN CHICKENS WITHIN THE VILLAGE LIMITS; ESTABLISHING THE PROCESS FOR THE KEEPING OF AND RAISING OF HEN CHICKENS; TO REPEAL CONFLICTING ORDINANCES AND SECTIONS; AND TO PROVIDE AN EFFECTIVE DATE. Roll was called. Aye-Rushman, Reilly, Twarling, McConnell; Nay-Abbott. Motion Reilly, Second Twarling, to adopt Ordinance 2018-08-02. Roll was called. Aye-Rushman, Reilly, Twarling, McConnell; Nay-Abbott. The new ordinance shall go into full force and effect from and after its passage, approval and publication or posting as required by law. Copies of the new ordinance will be available at the Village office during regular office hours, and will be posted at the Dalton Post Office, Points West Community Bank, and the Dalton Village Office. Public Forum/Public Opinion: Building permits for Barry Miller at 304 Wabasha and Tyler Rushman at 424 South Park were signed. No executive session was held. Next regular meeting scheduled for June 11th, 2018. Motion Twarling, Second Rushman, to adjourn the April meeting at 8:51 pm.

Sherry Craig, Clerk/Treasurer